Information on neutering your Dog or Cat at Veterinary Hospital Associates in Pueblo, CONeuter surgery for a male dog entails removal of the testicles, and prevents your pet from reproducing, helping to curb the population of homeless pets that often end up in shelters.

Neutering has many health benefits, including a reduced risk of prostate disease, sexually-transmitted diseases, and some types of cancers. Neutering may also decrease aggression toward other animals, as well as urine marking, mounting, and roaming behaviors.

This is a surgical procedure which requires general anesthesia. Please see the descriptions under Anesthesia and Patient Monitoring for more information on what we do to keep your pet safe.  Neuter surgeries can be scheduled Monday through Friday. He will be provided with pain medications to keep him comfortable during and after the operation.

To set up an appointment to have your pet neutered or to learn more about this procedure, call or visit our clinic. If you are struggling with the decision of whether to neuter your pet, we would be happy to discuss your concerns.