Growth Removals

Information on Growth/Mass Removal at Veterinary Hospital Associates in Pueblo, COSurgical growth removal is available for both external and internal masses.  In most cases, general anesthesia will be required, however some smaller skin masses may be removed with a combination of sedation and/or local anesthetic. Please see the descriptions under Anesthesia and Patient Monitoring for additional information on these services.

A biopsy may be recommended to definitively identify the type of mass, as well as to guide our expectations and determine if further treatment is indicated. For benign masses, removal may be curative. For more serious cancerous masses, removal may still help keep your pet more comfortable and reduce the risk of infection.  Biopsy results will indicate whether a mass has been removed entirely, or if it may have microscopic invasion into surrounding tissues, and can help predict whether it is likely to spread to other areas of the body.

Surgeries are typically scheduled Monday through Friday.