General Anesthesia

Information on anesthesia procecures done at Veterinary Hospital Associates in Pueblo, COFor certain procedures we feel it is safer to give your pet a combination of medications which induce general anesthesia, a state of unconsciousness in which your pet will not feel pain. This keeps your pet comfortable and prevents movement during delicate procedures. Modern gas anesthesia allows your pet to go to sleep and wake up faster, decreasing the risk of complications. All of our patients undergoing general anesthesia receive an IV catheter and IV fluids during the procedure. We also recommend blood work and a full examination prior to any anesthetic procedure, so we can determine if any underlying conditions are present.

We begin most general anesthetic procedures by administering a combination of medications which will relax your pet and control pain.  Then we will place an endotracheal tube (breathing tube) in their airway.  This tube allows us to deliver a combination of oxygen and gas anesthetic to your pet, and ensures the airway is protected throughout the procedure.

A surgery technician is with your pet during the whole procedure, monitoring their anesthetic event.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your pet receiving general anesthesia or about the procedure for which your pet is scheduled.